Action Alert Farm Bill - April 2018

april-farm-bill_28990161.pngSo much good is happening in the sustainable agriculture movement today. Farmers are adopting smart conservation practices like cover crops and pollinator habitat at a rapid clip. Demand is skyrocketing for fresh, healthy food from local sources - and farmers are growing to meet that demand. Farmers of color are gaining long-overdue seats at the table and beginning farmers are entering the field nationwide.






TAKE ACTION - Farm Bill 2018

Underpinning much of this positive progress? The farm bill. This big piece of federal legislation makes billions of dollars in investments for a better food and farm future. Well, it did until recently - right now, in addition to cuts to the SNAP (food stamp) program that our anti-hunger allies have flagged as very harmful, the draft bill makes sweeping, radical cuts to longstanding programs and fails to make needed improvements to others - this could set our shared movement back decades.

Members of the House Agriculture Committee are about to vote on a new 2018 Farm Bill tomorrow - we need to act now to fix these serious issues.