Successful Farmer Stories

We've compiled several stories and created videos to illustrate innovative practices that farmers are employing to attract beneficial birds to their farms. You can view the video stories below or learn more about each farm on our StoryMap

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Bullseye Farms

Kristin Jacobs of Bullseye Farms understands the importance of habitat like hedgerows to attract beneficial insects and birds. She is working to install permanent habitat on the farm, which is made up of native flowers, trees and shrubs that will provide year-round habitat for birds and other wildlife. Learn more about Bullseye Farms

Spring Mountain Vineyard

Ron Rosenbrand manages more than 800 Western Bluebird nest boxes on Spring Mountain Vineyard’s 847 acres. He deeply appreciates the pest control services the birds provide and at the same time finds joy in watching the birds that occupy the boxes throughout the property. Learn more about Spring Mountain Vineyard

Full Belly Farm

Dru Rivers and her partners at Full Belly Farm understand the complexity and importance of biodiversity on their farm. The farm has nesting Barn Owls, hedgerows and riparian buffers throughout the farmscape, supporting beneficial birds with habitat. Learn more about Full Belly Farm

Blue Heron Farms

Dennis Tamura and Lori Perry appreciate the important pest control services provided by the Tree Swallows, Western Bluebirds, and other beneficial birds on their farm. The farm hosts 32 nest boxes and provides space for a pair of nesting Barn Owls. The surrounding wildlands provide food that augments the birds’ diets. Learn more about Blue Heron Farms

Medlock Ames

At Medlock Ames Vineyard located in Alexander Valley, California, conservation is core to their farming practices. They know their actions support essential services for their vineyard like pest control from birds. Barn Owls are encouraged with nest boxes, and hawks with perches, making rodents much less of a problem. Western Bluebirds are supported with nest boxes too and they will likely help keep Sharpshooter numbers down. Learn more about Medlock Ames Vineyard

JSM Organics

Javier Zamora’s JSM Organics farm integrates and is surrounded by habitat that supports many species of birds, bats and other wildlife. He believes in farming in concert with nature, benefiting from birds’ pest control services, and co-existing with all his other wild neighbors. Learn More about JSM Organics

Davis Ranches

Davis Ranches has designed and installed several miles of hedgerows as corridors to allow safe passage and refuge for birds and other wildlife. These corridors support pest control by birds, with placing the habitat close to the crops. They are located in Colusa, CA and their mantra and guiding principle is "Farming for the 22nd Century" with the intention of leaving a legacy of farming for generations to come. Learn More about Davis Ranches

Riverhill Farm

Almost 20 years ago, Alan Haight and Jo McProud transformed a dry grassland with a couple of ponds into a profitable farm and an oasis for birds and other wildlife. Their goal was to increase the biodiversity on their farm. Ornithologists and entomologists tell them they've succeeded. Counts show there are now more birds and insect life on the farm than in the surrounding natural landscape. Beauty is everywhere you look, thanks to Jo's skills as a landscape architect and to Alan's sense of "the more diversity, the better." Learn More about Riverhill Farm

Tres Sabores Winery and Vineyard

Julie Johnson has a love for wine, dogs, and birds. From the moment you drive onto her certified organic vineyard, Tres Sabores, you are transfixed by the beauty of the farm, and then you are greeted by her golden retriever ambassadors who happily run up to welcome you. Tres Sabores sits on an alluvial fan of rich soils. Over half the property is still covered in oak woodlands, with most of the rest in vineyards, 200 olive trees and 150 pomegranate bushes. A hedgerow lines the driveway. Learn More about Tres Sabores. 

Chamberlain Farms

Duane Chamberlain started out farming with a friend right after college on a piece of ground in rural Yolo County. He still farms that land more than 50 years later, as well as about 60 other sites where he raises alfalfa, grass and oat hay. Many of these fields have wooded edges, which support over-wintering birds that may help with pest control of the alfalfa weevil. A couple of fields hold easements specifically for the rare Swainson’s Hawks, which arrive in the summer. Learn More about Chamberlain Farms.

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