Board of Directors

Catherine_Badgley_brd.jpgCatherine Badgley 

Catherine is a professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Residential College at the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on landscape history and biodiversity, as well as on sustainable agriculture. She teaches courses about environmental science, the food system, and biogeography.  She lives on an organic farm near Chelsea, Michigan.



Glenda Corning

Glenda was a licensed orthopedic massage and hypnotherapist before joining Meadowsweet Dairy in 1993. The Dairy was a pioneer in site specific environmental art, collaborating with biologists from USF&W and PRBO (Point Reyes Bird Observatory) to create research access and habitat for targeted species such as pelagic birds and bats. In California, Dairy projects can be found on the Farallon Islands and in the Don Edwards Preserve. Glenda currently focuses her work on projects that enhance biodiversity, promote healthy topsoil and restore vital ecosystems. She lives in Northern California.



Michael Dimock

Michael is president of Roots of Change (a project of the Public Health Institute) and is a national food movement organizer and thought leader on food and farming systems needed for the 21st Century. He farmed organically for three years in Sonoma County, and in 1992 founded Ag Innovations Network, where he began his work on consensus building and strategic planning to create healthier food and agriculture. 




Paul Dolan

Paul Dolan spent 27 years at Fetzer Vineyards helping to put the company at the forefront of organic viticulture. He is currently a principle with Truett Hurst Wine Company and operates his family’s Dark Horse Ranch in Northern California with his son. Paul authored “True to Our Roots, Fermenting a Business Revolution.” 



Wendell Gilgert

Wendell is a Great Valley native and comes to the Wild Farm Alliance Board from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) where he enjoyed a 34-year career, primarily as a field conservationist.  After retirement from NRCS, he worked for Point Blue Conservation Science to help initiate their Working Lands Program, characterized by a cadre of Partner Biologists and their Rangeland Monitoring Program.  Wendell brings his knowledge and experience with fish and wildlife biology, ecology, habitat management and restoration as well expertise working with private landowners to plan, design, implement and monitor conservation actions on their working (farms, ranches, and forest) lands.  



Neva Hassanein

Neva is a Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Montana. Author of Changing the Way America Farms: Knowledge and Community in the Sustainable Agriculture Movement (1999), Neva has also published on contemporary agriculture and the building of community-based, democratic food systems. An engaged scholar, Neva and her students have helped strengthen Montana’s food system through community-based action research. Neva also serves on the Missoula City-County Consolidated Planning Board and the Missoula Chapter of Montana Conservation Voters, and is past-president of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society.




Dan Imhoff

Dan is director of Watershed Media, a non-profit 501(c)(3) communications agency. He is the author of Farming with the Wild, a book identifying models and resources to help farmers incorporate conservation practices in their farms and watersheds. He has also written a number of articles on the wild farm concept.




Sara Kross

Sara is a conservation biologist and agroecologist and has spent over a decade conducting research to understand the complex interactions between wildlife and people in agricultural landscapes. Sara was a founding member of the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust in New Zealand, a David H. Smith Conservation Postdoctoral Fellow  and was an Assistant Professor at Sacramento State University before moving to her current position as a faculty member at Columbia University



Peter Martinelli

Peter farms organic fruits and vegetables in fields surrounded by bay, oak and riparian woodlands with a steelhead and coho salmon stream running through. Years of experience has taught him how stewardship practices allow wildness to coexist and be celebrated along with the production of foods with exceptional taste. Peter sits on the Boards of the Marin County Farm Bureau and the Marin Agricultural Land Trust. 



Dan_Kent_brd.jpgDan Kent

Dan directs Salmon-Safe, an organization devoted to restoring water quality and salmon habitat in agricultural and urban landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.