California Action Alert

Action Alert: Call on your Assemblymember to support investments in natural resources solutions to climate change!

California supporters - Please call or write to your Assemblymember asking them to sign on to proposal for $400 million for natural and working lands climate change investments.

Under the leadership of Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, 12 legislators have so far signed a letter requesting that $400 million of an expected $450 million surplus in cap-and-trade revenue this year go towards natural resources programs that were not included or woefully underfunded in the Governor's GGRF budget proposal for 2018-19. This includes the Healthy Soils and SWEEP programs that provide grants to farmers for using climate smart agriculture practices.

Can you call your Assemblymember today? The message is simple, and it takes only a few seconds to deliver it:

“I am calling from my town/city. I would like my Assemblymember to support $400 million for natural and working lands climate investments. I support Assemblymember Garcia’s proposal.”

Find your Assemblymember here.


Last week, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) led a call from a dozen legislators for increased funding in fiscal year 2018-19 for a suite of critical natural resources programs paid for by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (generated by cap-and-trade revenue). Their written proposal includes restoring funding for the Healthy Soils Program and State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP), both of which were zeroed out in the current fiscal year.

“It is essential that the legislature continues to ensure the equitable appropriation of these revenues into programs proven to provide significant health, environmental and economic benefits. I have made it a point to follow these Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund dollars through the budgeting process, until we see these investments allocated and at work advancing California communities, like those in my district, most impacted by pollution,” stated Assemblymember Garcia.

Jeanne Merrill, CalCAN’s Policy Director said, “Turning our farms into carbon sinks is not only good for our climate, but good for the bottom line. The high demand for the Climate Smart Agriculture programs demonstrates that. Mr. Garcia's proposal today acknowledges the importance of California farms and ranches in meeting our climate change goals."

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