Connecting Consumers


Food Choices Matter

In order to protect native biodiversity, both farmers and consumers must act together.

WFA is creating accessible resources and educating consumers in order to expand organic and sustainable food production that promotes the restoration and protection of native habitat for iconic birds, large predators, and insect pollinators. 

It is critical for consumers to connect their food choices to biodiversity on the farm. We all have learned about the food web and the interconnectedness in our world. However, now it is more important than ever to understand how the nonhuman community is integral to the functions of the farm and in the world. Consumers need to help reconnect food systems with ecosystems.




Join us in reconnecting food systems with ecosystems

WFA's Food Pyramid makes a compelling case that our food is intimately connected with nature. And more, that our food choices can support stewardship farming.

As a consumer your help is critical to support a sustainable food supply. Local food, and/or pesticide-free food are good steps, but are not enough. By purchasing from farms that support biodiversity, you will be fostering pollination, pest control, and clean water - all functions that we need in our world to survive.

WFA's Food Pyramid is used for all sorts of events and venues where food is served.

Pyramid1.jpgSee and Download the Pyramid

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