Davis Ranches Virtual Field Day

Join Emily Reinhart of Davis Ranches, avian ecologists and researchers virtually for a discussion on practices that support beneficial birds and manage pest birds. 

General Information

When: Wednesday, March 31st 10 am - 12:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Cost: FREE (but you must register to attend)

Where: Virtual

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Field Day Speakers and Agenda Include:

10 am – 10:10 am Welcome and Overview

10:10 am - 12:30 pm Presentations and Q&A Discussion

  • Emily Reinhart, Davis Ranches, discusses the ranch's overall operation and their work to promote beneficial bird habitat.
  • Rachael Long, UC Cooperative Extension, discusses the economics and importance of hedgerows to attract beneficial birds, insects and other wildlife. 
  • Sacha Heath, PhD, Living Earth Collaborative, Washington University in St. Louis, discusses how walnut orchard characteristics, edge habitat, and natural habitat in the wider agricultural landscape can encourage avian pest control services.
  • Khara Strum, Audubon California, discusses the multiple benefits of birds and how healthy soils can attract beneficial birds.  
  • Megan Garfinkel, PhD, University of Illinois Chicago, discusses the value of hedgerows near kale crops and the increased bird pest control services they provide.   

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About Davis Ranches

Davis Ranches has designed and installed several miles of hedgerows as corridors to allow safe passage and refuge for birds and other wildlife. By placing the habitat close to the crops, these corridors support pest control by birds. 

They are located in Colusa, CA and their mantra and guiding principle is "Farming for the 22nd Century" with the intention of leaving a legacy of farming for generations to come. They recognize that "today, more so than ever, farming sustainably and responsibly is more than just a cliche or catch-phrase, it's a way of life. It reflects a conscious decision to pass on a legacy of farming to our children that can be continued for many centuries to come."

The principles they strive to meet, continually improve the ranches every day:  "No shortcuts, leave the land better than you found it and pass on something that you can be proud of." Their extensive hedgerows are a testament to this land ethic!

Watch this video about Davis Ranches and their work to support Beneficial Birds


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