Farewell to WFA Board Member: Vance Russell

Wild Farm Alliance is sad to see one of our founding members rotate off the board of directors! Thankfully Vance will continue to work with us as an Advisory Board Member! As he transitioned away from the board he penned a thoughtful farewell that we are happy to share with you!

Written by Vance Russell, former WFA Board Member. 

I served for 18 years as a Wild Farm Alliance (WFA) co-founder, board member and, most recently, the board’s treasurer. During those 2 decades, I was married, had two daughters, moved 3 times, lived in 2 continents, and changed jobs 7 times. With great reluctance, I recently resigned from the board.

WFA was always a beacon of hope, rebellion and change for me. I’m grateful for the friendships and all I’ve learned from the staff and board. There’s a sense of kinship that helps us all work well together. Nonetheless, I am continuing on as a WFA Advisor.


During this time Wild Farm Alliance, a small NGO, has accomplished much.

Organic agriculture is now paying attention to wildness on the farm, federal food safety requirements are not destroying wildlife habitat and more sustainable and organic advocates are supporting rewilding as a movement.  

Wild Farm Alliance also showcased farmers and ranchers restoring agricultural landscapes written by board members such as Farming with the Wild and the Farm as Natural Habitat, showing the predator friendly wool and riparian restoration weren’t just feasible and benefitted wildlife but they could increase on-farm profits.

If you think about how little organic food production was supporting biodiversity, or that even the word "biodiversity" wasn’t really a word used in the organic and sustainable agriculture movement when WFA began, it’s exciting to imagine future changes and there’s still much to be done.

New ways to tell the stories of farmers who are embracing wild farming practices are on the horizon for WFA. Using innovative online tools, WFA soon will be showcasing farmers, the practices they are implementing and the benefits they are realizing.

WFA is working to advance a nationwide conversation where the farmer and the farm are functioning parts of an ecological network. Our unique approach focuses on the education, promotion, and advocacy for sustainable practices that support both the farmer and wild nature.


Now is the moment to join with me and WFA to:

  • Expand the organic community’s knowledge of what biodiversity conservation entails with education and resources assisting certifiers and farmers in complying with the National Organic Program mandate to conserve biodiversity;
  • Work with farmers and agricultural professionals to increase understanding of birds as pest control agents with technical resources, field days, and highlighting farmers who are making a difference;
  • Support farms in becoming wild and resilient with a new resource on how farmers can assess biodiversity for support of climate adaptation and mitigation; and 
  • And so much more!

Please take a moment right now to join with me to make a donation to Wild Farm Alliance to help create a network made up of farmers, certifiers, conservationists, wildlife experts, and more to make the wild farm vision a reality.





For the wild,

Vance Russell
Founding Board Member of WFA


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