To learn more about the CSP and what is at stake, read WFA's recent Issue Brief. It highlights the benefits of the program for both farmers and the environment. Without a new Farm Bill or an extension, this program will be put on hold and thousands of farmers and acres across the country will be affected! 

Take Action For The 2018 Farm Bill

This is it. It’s make or break time for the 2018 Farm Bill. Only a few days remain for Congress to finish a new bill or pass a temporary extension of the old one. Either way, farmers and communities are counting on action. What’s at stake?

  • Hands-on training and tools for beginning farmers and ranchers.
  • Support for cutting-edge organic and sustainable research.
  • Enrollment for the Conservation Stewardship Program.
  • and more!

These are the programs in the bill that give farmers the tools to grow and succeed, and to harness economic opportunities across the nation.

There’s a problem, though. Nearly a dozen “tiny but mighty” farm bill programs will be left unable to operate if Congress doesn’t act fast: 140 million dollars for sustainable and organic agriculture, economic development, and beginning and underserved farmer support will literally just disappear. And that’s not all - just over a billion dollars in funding, largely for conservation and farmland preservation, will be frozen too, preventing farmers from accessing help in stewarding their land.

We can’t let this happen on our watch.

Help us tell Congress this is unacceptable – take just 90 seconds to call your Representatives and Senators today!

Click here to find contact information for your members of Congress. 

The message is simple: “Don’t walk away from America’s farmers and ranchers. We need a new 2018 Farm Bill now based on the bipartisan Senate bill - and, in the meantime, a full extension of the old bill to keep programs that farmers and communities rely on operating. Ensure expiring farm bill programs that support organic agriculture and conservation aren’t left behind!

Your message TODAY matters – thank you for taking action!

After you call, please email [email protected] and let us know how it went! Thank you!


Senate Farm Bill Update

The Senate Bill was passed June 28, 2018 and while there are issues, as a whole it is much better than the House Bill passed just weeks earlier. 

The Senate Bill takes a wildly different approach than the House Bill and does not make sweeping cuts to conservation and provides much needed support for Organic. The bill includes a significant boost in funding for organic research, provisions to address fraudulent organic imports, and funding for organic data collection initiatives. It also includes full funding for the organic certification cost-share program, which helps organic family farms thrive and boosts our local economies. 

Want to learn more about this bill? Click here to read more from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. 

000.pngHouse Farm Bill Update

We’ve got a big problem in Washington: one that could harm farmers and communities around the country. The House of Representatives narrowly approved their version of the 2018 Farm Bill (June 2018), and this bill is bad. 

In short, this is the worst farm bill ever – it could set our shared movement back decades!

Want to learn more about this bill? Click here to read more from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. 




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