Farm Bill 2018


Below are bills that have been introduced by members of Congress. They support strong programs and associated funding for what we want to be included in the final 2018 Farm Bill.



Give Our Resources The Opportunity To Work Act (GROW)


The GROW Act will help farmers implement sound stewardship practices on their farms. This bill reforms the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), and Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) to target federal investments in ways that protect the most sensitive acres while empowering producers to adopt and actively manage high-level conservation activities on working lands. Read More


The Strengthening Our Investment in Land Stewardship Act (SOIL)

4a.Conservation_buffer_wsu_copy.jpgThe Strengthening Our Investment in Land Stewardship (SOIL Stewardship) Act lays out a comprehensive strategy for working lands conservation programs that improves and protects natural resource while enhancing the productivity of agricultural lands, by:

  • Ensuring federal programs can appropriately support the growing demand for conservation assistance
  • Increasing accessibility to encourage new applicants, while also encouraging higher levels of stewardship
  • Ensuring payments properly reflect the farmer investment and conservation benefits
  • Increasing conservation support for historically underserved participants

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American Prairies Conservation Act


This bill expands to the entire country a grasslands protection provision known as "Sodsaver," which currently only applies to six states. The bipartisan bill will prioritize and protect our nation's remaining native prairies and prime grasslands by ensuring that taxpayer dollars do not continue to subsidize the destruction of these critical lands. Grasslands and prairies are rapidly disappearing in the United States. As these lands disappear, so too do ranching and hunting opportunities, vibrant ecosystems, strong soil systems, and economic opportunities for rural communities. Read More.


Healthy Fields and Farm Economies Act


This bill will improve USDA conservation programs for American farmers and ensure the most efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars. Specifically, the bill will invest in farmers, ranchers, and our shared natural resources, while ensuring accountability to taxpayers who support these programs. Read More.



Crop Insurance Modernization Act


This bill will move the federal crop insurance program into the 21st century by expanding underserved farmers' access to risk management tools and creating a stronger link between farm safety net and conservation priorities. This bill will improve access to federal crop insurance program for beginning farmers, farmers with diverse crops and enterprises, specialty crop operations, organic farmers, farmers using non-wholesale markets, and other underserved farmers. Read More.


Beginning Farmer and Rancher Opportunity Act


This bill lays out a national strategy that will break down barriers to entry and give real support to the next generation of farmers. To keep our agricultural economy strong, the next farm bill needs to facilitate the transfer of skills, knowledge, and land between current and future generations of family farmers. Read More.



The Local Food and Regional Market Supply Act


This bill will support the continued expansion of new market opportunities for American family farmers. It recognizes the vast, untapped potential in our farming and food producing communities and offers a way to transform that potential into economic prosperity. Read More.