Farming with the Wild Works

No farmer wants to lose land to flooding, or have excessive codling moth in their walnut orchard, but those were the issues facing Paul Hain of Hain Ranch Organics.

A past flooding event took several acres of the walnut orchard, and the ever present codling moth threatened yields. Paul wanted to try a natural solution.

Instead of using rip rap or pesticides to tackle these issues, Paul worked with Wild Farm Alliance to plant habitat that holds the bank in place and encourages more wildlife to his farm – namely birds like downy woodpeckers who are natural predators for codling moths. 

Together we installed native riparian trees and hedgerows that attracted birds and provided critical habitat.

And it’s working. While there still might be a lingering codling moth population, birds help to keep it under control. Not only are downy woodpeckers showing up, but the ranch is now starting to see a comeback of orioles, another important pest predator for nut crops. Just one way bringing the wild back to the farm is having a positive impact.

Wild Farm Alliance is a national organization working to promote a healthy, viable agriculture that helps to protect and restore wild nature. For 15 years, we have been a leader in the movement to promote conservation-based farming. Thank you adding your voice. Together we are reconnecting food systems with ecosystems.

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