Flocking Together

Thank_You.pngThank You! As we inch closer to Thanksgiving, we want to extend a heartfelt thanks to you and all of our supporters!

Often times we are overwhelmed by the world and events around us - right now is certainly no exception. Climate change and the corresponding weather effects continue to increase; more and more of our wild places are disappearing; the current administration is not taking action to correct this course.


While these things, and more, feel heavy on our shoulders, on a walk earlier this week I was reminded that there are solutions.

It was brisk and sunny as I headed out on my walk. I saw (and heard) a large flock of American Crows, a murder if you will. This flock of at least 50 crows was mobbing a hawk who was invading their territory. The hawk flew from tree top to tree top and with each flight, the mob would loudly follow.

While this scene was not an uncommon sight, it did remind me of the power of coming together to solve a problem. 

Ravens-tower-of-london.jpegIn addition, the corvid family can be beneficial to agriculture, addressing insect pest issues. Research has shown that the crow's cousin, the AU raven, actually saved farmers money in almond orchards by eating the mummy nuts - a value over and above their consumption of the harvestable nuts earlier in the year. 

Every action has a reaction - let's not be too quick to dismiss crows as pest birds, which they certainly can be - but rather practice co-existence - both with our wild and human communities. 

Just as the flock of crows successfully moved the hawk to higher ground and solved the pest problem in almond orchards, we too can be successful to move forward a wild and resilient farm movement by flocking together.

Thank you for joining our flock! 

We are excited about the plans for next year and look forward to continuing to make a difference. Together we are network of committed folks who care about agriculture and the foundation of life - biodiversity.

Your continued support will: 

  • Assist organic certifiers and farmers in complying with the NOP mandate to conserve biodiversity, through outreach with our publications and resources, helping to update certifiers’ inspection reports, and conducting field trainings for inspectors. 
  • Work on a draft Guidance with a broad set of stakeholders in order to ensure the NOP finalizes and approves a new rule that will protect Native Ecosystems from conversion to farmland. 
  • Develop a new resource on how farmers can assess biodiversity for support of climate adaptation and mitigation. 
  • Create technical resources and provide education on how to attract beneficial birds and manage pest birds to reduce pesticides and protect biodiversity. 

Your are the reason we've accomplished so much. And with your continued partnership we will advance policies that promote and demand biodiversity protection while also supporting farmers in their important work to not only feed our growing population but also as leaders in the conservation movement. 

Thank you again for your important support!

With gratitude,