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Wild Farm Alliance brings farmers, conservationists, and consumers together to solve the biodiversity crisis we are facing. Agriculture has been widely recognized as a primary cause of the global biodiversity crisis. Fortunately, humankind has the knowledge and the ability to minimize the ecological footprint of agriculture. Indeed, if landscape-level conservation efforts are to be effective, we must increase the capacity of rural landscapes to sustain biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Farms with permeable borders can act as links through the landscape for wide-ranging pollinators and predators, and at the same time reap nature's ecosystem services. As consumers, we must also strengthen our commitment to support small-scale farmers who themselves support local and regional, ecologically sustainable food systems.

Wild Farm Alliance provides a critical avenue for bridging the gap between conservationists and farmers. Given the ecological threats of industrial agriculture and the need for viable alternatives, farming with the wild is an important complement to existing efforts to protect biodiversity.


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