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Wild Farm Alliance Donors Are Amazing!

Wow! At the beginning of December we set a goal to raise $15,000 from our supporters, and after so many of you generously gave, we just got word that a donor helped us reach our final goal with a pledge of $5,000! We are so humbled by your support - THANK YOU!

But here is the thing, we can't stop at $15,000 - we can do so much more if we have the support to make it happen. 

Please help us reach new heights in 2018 with a tax-deductible gift today! 

Because we know more people plan to donate to WFA before the year's end, we are stretching our goal to $20,000.

Securing donations above our original goal of $15,000 will help us...

  • Host additional field days, workshops, and webinars to help farmers learn about practices they can implement to improve and protect biodiversity on their farms. 
  • Travel to more places across the country speaking at workshops and presentations, building a bigger and stronger alliance promoting a wild and resilient farm movement. 
  • Print more of our technical resources so we can give them to farmers, certifiers, inspectors, and others for FREE, ensuring they have the information they need for biodiversity conservation. 
  • Strengthen our organization, making sure our small but fierce group has a voice at the table helping to shape the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Will you help us do even more next year?

Help us meet our new goal of $20,000 by December 31st. We are nearly there and your gift gets us one step closer! 

Thank you so much for your commitment to protecting the wild that we all depend on.

For the wild,

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BarnOwlChicks_chdwckvnstrsslhm_copy.pngUsing Owls to Manage Rodents

If you’re looking for an unconventional rodent management system, consider putting an owl box or two on your property. In this article by the UC Davis Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, you can learn all about barn owls, when they nest, what to expect, and how you might want to get started.

Female owls typically inhabit owl boxes when they nest in late winter and early spring. According to the article, a “family of barn owls...will feed on about 1,000 rodents during a season” and the female owls will sometimes nest twice in one season, which doubles that number. Barn owls will eat a variety of different rodents, including voles, mice, gophers and rats.

If you have a large rodent population, barn owls may not be a singular solution for rodent control. However, they can help to decrease the population and increase the effectiveness of other natural rodent control solutions. 

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TheLexicon_logo_horiz_v2-2.pngNRCS Launches a New Program for Organic Farmers

The Lexicon is a new project through the USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NCRS) intended to help organic farmers work with nature to conserve vital habitat while also effectively managing the concerns of their farm.

The NCRS’s Lexicon is a series of guides and other resources made through collaboration with farmers, universities, government organizations, and other players to help support pollinators and beneficial insects, use companion planting or trap crops to reduce pests, reduce erosion, and otherwise support the symbiosis between the natural habitat and organic farming practices. Check out their website for a variety of different knowledge resources.

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Thank You to Wild Farm Alliance Business Sponsors!

We are so grateful for our Business Sponsors who are partnering with us to rewild our farms. If you are a business owner or know of a business that is interested in joining our work, please contact us at [email protected]

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Become a WFA Business League Sponsor

Join the Wild Farm Alliance Business League with a sponsorship of our upcoming guide, Building Resiliency on Your Farm: Pest Control by 
Birds, will show farmers and agricultural professionals how farms can both be resilient to climate change and reduce pest problems. 

This resource will share farmers’ stories, describe in farmer-friendly terms how a multitude of birds are beneficial to specific fruit, vegetable and livestock farms (based on scientific journal articles), and outline what kind of steps farmers can take in order to make their farms resilient. 

Sponsors will receive tremendous exposure and marketing benefits. Thanks to sponsorships, this important work will help to ensure that best practices on biodiversity conservation are the ones being implemented. By becoming a sponsor, your business will get your logo/name on the professionally printed guides and be thanked on all print and online promotional materials. 

Email [email protected] to learn more. 

HF_Art_BeePrint.jpgSupporting WFA Through Art

This month, artist Heather Friedli, is donating 10% of her sales to Wild Farm Alliance!

Heather's love for the wild is evident in her beautiful paintings. She creates art which respond to the natural world, using dreams as a catalyst, through the lens of her Anishinaabe, Mexican and American heritages. Through her lens she creates out of oil paint or snow imagery of her mind, the land, and spirit. Her art is vivid, colorful, bold, imaginative, and spiritual.

Heather's “Adventure Art” is heavily influenced by outdoor pursuits and adventures around the United States. Artistically, she is driven to continue to discover and push her boundaries, challenging herself to create art that is thoughtful, scientific, beautiful, well executed, and honors family both past and present.

Purchase some beautiful art and support Wild Farm Alliance at the same time! Visit her website and shop today!

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