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HSI_Photo.jpgGood news! California's Governor Jerry Brown is staying the course and is again calling for $20 million for the new Healthy Soils Initiative. The State Legislature is taking up the Governor’s proposal. Now is the time to call your state representatives to support sustainable agricultural solutions to climate change. Phone calls are much more impactful than email and it takes only 45 seconds to leave a message.

The message is simple: “I’m calling to support funding for the Healthy Soils Initiative in the state budget. The program will provide crucial resources for farmers and ranchers to address climate change and improve our environment overall.” Give your name and town/city. 

Find your Senator and Assembly member by clicking here.

Background:  Last year, Governor Brown proposed the Healthy Soils Initiative to provide financial incentives and fund on-farm demonstration projects that improve carbon storage in our agricultural soils and reduce greenhouse gas emissions overall. 

By enhancing soil organic matter through crop rotations, cover crops, mulch, compost and more, farmers and ranchers can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving crop yield and our air and water quality. 

The Healthy Soils Initiative is a win-win for the farmers and the environment. Governor Brown proposes funding the new initiative with revenue from the cap-and-trade program.

The legislature is taking up the question of how to spend those cap-and-trade dollars and now is the time to call your state representatives.

Connection with SB 1350Senate Bill 1350 complements the Governor’s budget request for the Healthy Soils Initiative by establishing the Healthy Soils Program at the CA Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). SB 1350 is now the Senate Appropriations Committee, waiting for a final vote. 

If the bill gets out of committee, it will head to the Senate Floor for a vote some time between May 31st and June 3rd.  Stay tuned! We may be back asking you to call your Senator in support of SB 1350.

For more info on the Healthy Soils Initiative, click here.

If you live in California, make those calls! Let us know what you hear in response to your calls to your state Senator and Assembly member.  Drop us a line: [email protected]

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