About Us

Bringing Nature Back to the Farm: A 2050 Vision


Our Nature-driven vision will deliver a diverse food supply with ecosystem health and complexity for generations to come. 

We envision catalyzing a bold stewardship ethic among current and new generations of farmers, land stewards, agencies, nonprofits, policy makers, scientists and educational institutions. Our aim is to accelerate adoption of practices that cultivate biodiversity and ultimately scale this effort nationally.




Our 20 Year Legacy

Our mission is to promote healthy, viable agriculture that helps to protect and restore wild nature.

Wild Farm Alliance was established by a national group of wildlands proponents and ecological farming advocates who share a concern for the land and its wild and human inhabitants.

In the year 2000, we came together to discuss how humans don’t have the right to farm nature out of existence, but rather the responsibility to be conservationists and stewards of that wildness.

Bringing wild connectivity across farming landscapes is the work of Wild Farm Alliance.