Endorse our 2018 Farm Bill Platform

Congress is already getting to work writing the 2018 Farm Bill. As a member organization of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), we are signed on to the coalition's agenda. The Agenda for the 2018 Farm Bill is a blueprint for positive change. It reflects the real, urgent needs of farmers, ranchers, and communities across the country.

We need your help! Let's show Congress that farmers and families from around the country are calling for change.

Join us: sign on as an individual endorser of NSAC’s Agenda for the 2018 Farm Bill!

platform_cover_screencap_for_graphics_(1).pngNSAC’s 2018 Farm Bill platform will advance opportunity, equity and stewardship and create a better future for family farms that includes:

A thriving next generation of farmers and ranchers

  • ACCESS to farmland, credit, and risk management
  • SKILLS to help all farmers succeed
  • SUPPORT for resource stewardship

Healthy communities with strong farm to fork connections

  • MARKET opportunities for all farmers
  • ACCESS to fresh, healthy, local food
  • INFRASTRUCTURE connecting farmers and consumers

Stewardship that sustains our shared natural resources

  • ACCESS to stewardship resources for all farmers
  • IMPACT through targeting investments
  • SUPPORT for implementation on the farm
  • EFFECTIVENESS through measurement, evaluation, and reporting

Shared, resilient seeds that meet farmers’ needs

  • CHOICE in seeds for all farmers
  • SECURITY through crop diversity
  • COORDINATION for strategic research investments

A fair, effective farm safety net

  • ACCESS to risk management for all farmers
  • LINKS instead of barriers between stewardship and risk management
  • REFORM to prevent unfair influences on markets, land, and planting
  • DELIVERY improvement to increase efficiency and transparency
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