Beneficial Bird Habitat Assessment and Native Plant Tool

Support beneficial birds on farms with native habitat so that they can help provide pest control! Download the tool and companion resources below to help you on your way.

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Beneficial Bird Habitat Assessment and Native Plant Tool

When beneficial birds are supported, they can reduce pest insects, rodents and pest birds that cause harm in row and field crops, vineyards and orchards. This tool helps identify opportunities, prioritize and quantify practices and management strategies, and hone native plant selections that provide the best conditions for beneficial birds on the farm.

Beneficial Bird Habitat Assessment and Native Plant Guide

Why, Where and How to support beneficial birds. Farmers, land managers and others can use this in-depth guide to support the use of the Beneficial Bird Habitat Assessment and Native Plant Tool. The guide mirrors the seven sections of the tool, providing real world examples of implementing habitat. 

Beneficial Bird Native Plant Chart

The 159 native plant species from the tool, organized into a handy chart with symbols representing the plant characteristics, how bird species use them and their climate benefits.