Our Work


Making a Difference

Wild Farm Alliance is helping farmers benefit from and support wild nature while producing healthy food, and we are working with conservationists and consumers to support these efforts.

Since 2000, Wild Farm Alliance has educated farmers about on-farm biodiversity conservation, assisted them with its practical implementation, and initiated policies that support farm stewardship.



National Organic Program

Biodiversity is the foundation for our survival. But unfortunately, we are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction – the worst loss of species since the dinosaurs disappeared. At the current rate of species disappearance, we should expect for 30-50% of all species to be facing extinction by 2050. Our work is ensuring agriculture is part of the biodiversity loss solution.



Empowering Farmers

When wildlife and their habitat are supported on the farm, they can provide pollination, pest control, water retention, erosion control, and many other ecosystem services, helping farmers build resiliency and protecting the integrity of our agricultural lands for generations to come. Conservation practices like these can be co-managed with food safety GAPs.



Lillethblueberry.jpgConnecting Consumers

In order to protect native biodiversity, both farmers and consumers must act together. WFA is creating accessible resources and educating consumers in order to expand organic and regenerative food production.