California Continuing Education Course

Online CE Course Available: Supporting Beneficial Birds for Pest Control Services and Managing Pest Birds on the Farm

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This one-hour online course covers various practices farms can employ to utilize birds for pest control and reduce pesticide use. In addition, the course covers how to address birds when they may be pests on the farm.

Main points include:

  • Which Beneficial Birds Are Insectivores, Carnivores and Omnivores That Help with Pest Control
  • Pest Control Services of Birds in Different Crops
  • Managing Pest Birds with Visuals, Sound, Habitat Modification, Exclusion, Perches, Nest Boxes, Falconry and Lethal Means
  • Supporting Avian Pest Control by Providing Habitat, Water, and Safety
  • Designing the Farm to Optimize Pest Control Using Birds‚Äô Foraging Strategies
  • Other Tools for Pest Control Success
  • What a Bird Friendly Farm That Supports Avian Pest Control Looks Like
  • Farms Supporting Pest Control Along the Songbird Farm Trail

In order to earn a 1-CE unit, you need to watch the entire hour-long course and complete the quiz at the end, getting at least 70% of the questions correct (the quiz can be taken over, if needed).

After you successfully complete the quiz, WFA will email you a certificate of completion for your credits.

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