Emily Reinhart - Davis Ranches

Sustainable farm practices and conservation are central to the mission at Davis Ranches.

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Emily Reinhart of Davis Ranches planting one of the many hedgerows on the ranch that support pollinators, birds and other wildlife. Photo by Davis Ranches

Davis Ranches has designed and installed several miles of hedgerows as corridors to allow safe passage and refuge for birds and other wildlife. These corridors support pest control by birds, with placing the habitat close to the crops.

They are located in Colusa, CA and their mantra and guiding principle is "Farming for the 22nd Century" with the intention of leaving a legacy of farming for generations to come.

Emily Reinhart, of Davis Ranches provided advice on the steps she recommends to farmers who are looking to replicate their practices: 

  1. Identify a manageable sized project

  2. Determine long term project goals

  3. Outline the incremental steps to reach goals

Rachael Long, UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor, highlights three ways to attract beneficial birds for pest control:>

  1. Figure out what birds are on the farm

  2. Plant a diversity of plants

  3. Install nest boxes

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