Pest Problems Increase Without Bird Habitat

We are pleased to release our latest video about supporting beneficial birds on the farm. This video features Javier Zamora of JSM Organics and Elissa Olimpi, a Postdoc at UC Davis.

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Javier's operation, which includes strawberries and other crops, integrates and is surrounded by habitat that supports many species of birds, bats and other wildlife. He believes in farming in concert with nature and finding ways to co-exist with his wild neighbors.

The video highlights how having semi-natural habitat is important for attracting beneficial birds to assist with pest control. It also outlines research done in strawberry fields that shows surrounding habitat actually lowers the probability of birds being reservoir hosts of pathogens.


Watch this new video about JSM Organics.

This video is part of our series, where we are featuring farmer leaders, agricultural professionals, researchers and conservationists. You can watch our other videos and learn more on WFA's Beneficial Birds Multimedia Story Platform.

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