Video - Hedgerows: Living Fences to the Moon and Back

Learn how to incorporate hedgerows into farms

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Hedgerows can be made up of shrubs, trees or smaller perennials

We are excited to share the latest in WFA’s video series, Hedgerows: Living Fences to the Moon and Back. This video is packed full of useful information, covering the history and definition of hedgerows; typical goals of farmers; food safety, climate change and cost considerations; site selection and analysis; choosing native plants, visiting nurseries, and transporting plants;  monitoring the planting; and the beauty of the plants themselves and the beneficial organisms that come to the farm.

Increasing habitat in agriculture with these plantings is part of WFA’s ambitious goal of inspiring 25% of US farmers to plant an average of one-mile hedgerow or windbreak, leading to 500,000 miles of living fence borders, the equivalent of the distance to the Moon and back!