Take Action for Native Ecosystems

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*Comment deadline ended March 30, 2022. Visit Ensuring Organic Integrity for our current work.*

Submit your comments to protect Native Ecosystems!

Please take a just a few minutes right now to make your voice heard - tell the National Organic Program (NOP) to prioritize the recommended rule that would eliminate the incentive to destroy native ecosystems for organic production.

In 2018, with your help, we and our partners successfully encouraged the NOSB to recommend this new rule to protect Native Ecosystems from the organic plow.

But we need your help more than ever right now as the National Organic Program (NOP) has still failed to implement this rule.

The NOP is now accepting public comments on how to prioritize their long list of recommended rules waiting to be implemented. Deadline to submit comments on the Federal Registry is Wednesday, March 30, 2022!

SAMPLE LETTER: In the link below and to the right, you will find a sample letter written by one of WFA's allies that can help you frame your own comments.

This is our chance to put protecting Native Ecosystems at the top of their list!


Background on the Issue:

Organic consumers are shocked when they learn the extra funds they spend on organic products could be supporting the destruction of Native Ecosystems. And they are confused because they know organic farms should be conserving biodiversity. Currently, organic farms need only do the latter after certification.

Native ecosystems can store more carbon than converted farmland ever could. Farms next to natural areas have a greater diversity of native bees, beneficial insects and birds and increased pollination and pest control services.

In 2018, WFA and the NOSB sought to change the current perverse regulation that incentivizes the immediate destruction of Native Ecosystems and conversion to organic production as a cheaper and faster option than transitioning existing conventional farmland over a three-year period.

And now the NOP needs to implement the proposed Native Ecosystem rule that will protect the integrity of the seal, and help reverse the biodiversity crisis and reduce global warming.

Learn more about our work to protect the integrity of the organic label.