Protect Native Ecosystems


Your voice is needed to protect Native Ecosystems!

In 2018, we and our partners successfully encouraged the NOSB to recommend this new rule to protect Native Ecosystems from the organic plow. Since then, the National Organic Program (NOP) has failed to implement this rule. 

The NOP is now accepting public comments on how to prioritize their long list of recommended rules waiting to be implemented.

This is our chance to put protecting Native Ecosystems at the top of their list. 

Learn more about our work to ensure the integrity of the organic label.

Instructions for submitting your comments:

Important: USDA really wants to hear your personal thoughts and passion on this issue, not just the science and research that backs our statements. Please be original as possible!

1. Click on the button above to get to the federal registry where you need to submit your comments.

2. Write directly in the window provided, or cut and paste your comments into the window, or attach a separate document. Use this sentence structure: 

My name is (YOUR NAME) and I am a (FARMER/CONSUMER/CERTIFIER/ETC). I care about this issue because (FILL IN WITH ONE OR TWO SENTENCE REASON). 

Detailed talking points are below to help you craft your one or two sentence statement. 

3. You can submit comments online until 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) on March 30, 2022 at the above link.

4. Copy and past your your submitted comments in the feedback box on the right of this page so we can track submitted comments on this issue. 

5. Share this action with your friends and colleagues! 

Talking Points - Put comments like these into your own words:

  • I urge the NOP to implement the NOSB's recommended rule to¬†Eliminate the Incentive to Convert Native Ecosystems to Organic Production.


  • Native ecosystems store so much more carbon than converted organic farmland ever could.¬†


  • Implementing the rule will ensure the USDA organic label provides critical protections for Native Ecosystems, and the integrity of the National Organic Program will be preserved.¬†


  • This rule will incentivize the transition of conventional farms and stop the destruction of Native Ecosystems from organic conversion.


  • Native Ecosystems are necessary to support declining and rare species today and a hundred years from now, when there will be much less available due to increased human populations and climate change.


  • Certification of lands where Native Ecosystems were destroyed has been extremely unfair to the organic producers¬†who have worked hard and made significant financial commitments to convert conventional farms to organic production.


  • Organic agriculture is built on the philosophy of caring for the Earth. The organic label must protect these Native Ecosystems for the future.


  • Many certification agencies (organic and non-organic) around the world prohibit the conversion of native ecosystems and the NOP needs to catch up with them.


  • Organic consumers are confused, distraught and disillusioned about the contradiction between NOP's requirement for certified farms to conserve biodiversity and its permission for native ecosystems to be destroyed beforehand; we need to change that.

  • If you are an organic farmer, or are involved in the organic industry, please be sure to mention that! Comments from organic consumers are vitally important as well, especially if you tell regulators why you care.¬†

IF YOU PLAN TO WRITE A LETTER, AS OPPOSED TO A QUICK COMMENT, click here (or on the letter image) for a sample letter.