WFA Submits Draft Native Ecosystem Guidance to NOP, and Publishes Native Ecosystem Toolkit and Positive Organic Indicators and Red Flags

To jumpstart the National Organic Program’s (NOP) process of implementing the National Organic Standard Board’s (NOSB) native ecosystem recommended rule, WFA submits Draft Native Ecosystem Guidance for them to consider adopting into their Handbook when the rule comes out.

We created a complementary Organic Native Ecosystem Application and Verification Toolkit that gives examples of how to use online and hard-copy tools to determine if a native ecosystem is present or not, and we also created a set of short videos to show how to use many of the tools.

On a related topic, WFA created Positive Organic Indicators and Red Flags for organic certifiers. While most certifiers now mention biodiversity conservation in their Organic System Plans, many do a poor job of verifying that during the inspection process. This document teaches the inspector what to look and report.