Habitat Tool Demonstration

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 11:00 AM

Join Wild Farm Alliance staff as we demonstrate an exciting new tool!

In this virtual meeting, you'll learn about how to use our Beneficial Bird Habitat Assessment and Native Plant Tool, designed to allow agricultural professionals and others to assess a farm's habitat and to find opportunities to better support beneficial birds with native plantings. The power of the tool lies in connecting users with science-based California native plant and US bird data to better support beneficial birds on farms. Tool users can select from about 160 native California plant species and see how well those plants serve as habitat for 160 bird species. Conservation planners and farmers can use this information to see which native plants they can incorporate into a conservation project (i.e. hedgerow, wind break or riparian area) that best benefits birds.

In addition to the tool, our companion guide document serves as a guide to help agricultural professionals and farmers understand the bigger picture of each section of the tool. It is filled with science-based information drawn from a wide range of published literature on birds and agriculture. Pictures illustrate how practices and native plants can be combined to benefit birds on farms.

Finally, a chart to go along with the tool and companion guide was created for all of the native plants included in the tool to help users understand plant characteristics and how they relate to birds. The chart shares data with easy to understand symbols.

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