Watch: Riparian & Hedgerow Habitat Provides Benefits to the Farm

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Learn about the benefits of hedgerows for pest control, ecosystem health and water quality. Speakers and topics include:

  • Wendell Gilgert, WFA Board Member, NRCS and Point Blue (Emeritus), discusses riparian bird species and how to support them.
  • Hamutahl Cohen, UC ANR, and Christian Cormeir, Cal Poly Pomona, shared research focusing on birds and insects that use riparian habitat and adjacent hedgerow habitat in avocado and citrus orchards.
  • Jenni Phillips, Point Blue, discusses steps for planting riparian and hedgerow habitat on farms, including plant selection.

More resources, including those mentioned in the webinar:

Keeping Riparian Habitats Healthy Chart from Point Blue

Climate Smart Restoration Toolkit from Point Blue

Riparian Habitat Conservation Plan from California Partners in Flight and the Riparian Habitat Joint Venture 

Managing Pests with Predator & Parasitoid Habitat Publication from Wild Farm Alliance

Installing Habitat to Increase Farm Diversity Publication from Wild Farm Alliance

Supporting Beneficial Birds and Managing Pest Birds Publication from Wild Farm Alliance