Role of Birds on Farms Course - Lesson 3 Resources

Track 2. Nest Boxes & Other Structures and the Birds that Use Them

Lesson 3 - Insect-Eating Birds Supported by Nest Boxes and Buildings

Presenters: Robyn Bailey - Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology & Dr. Melanie Truan - UC Davis

Robyn is the project leader for NestWatch at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology where she helps people around the country who want to support more nesting birds. Her research is focused on using crowd-sourced nesting data to study ways that we can improve outcomes for nesting birds via small, everyday actions. She earned her M.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University.

Dr. Truan is a staff research associate with the Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology at the University of California Davis. She is founder and director of the Yolano Nestbox Network, a consortium of nest box trails that provides a platform for research, conservation and environmental education in California’s Central Valley agricultural region.

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Learning Objectives

  • Determine which birds are present and how they could be supported by farms
  • Evaluate various nest boxes and make recommendations
  • Identify where to install and not install boxes
  • Monitor boxes

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