Role of Birds on Farms Course - Lesson 4 Resources

Track 2. Nest Boxes & Other Structures and the Birds that Use Them

Lesson 4 - Rodent-Eating Birds Supported by Nest Boxes and Perches

Presenters: Dr. Matthew Johnson - Cal Poly Humboldt & Breanna Martinico - UC Davis

Matthew is a professor of Wildlife Habitat Ecology at Cal Poly Humboldt. Much of his research focuses on understanding habitat selection and habitat quality for animals in agricultural landscapes. He is particularly interested in finding win-win scenarios in which farmers and wildlife can mutually benefit each other.

Breanna is a graduate student at UC Davis in the Ecology program. They are a raptor biologist, and part of their research focuses on the interactions between raptors and anticoagulant rodenticides used in integrated pest management programs for rodent pests on farms. They are interested in learning how we can increase raptor presence in agroecosystems without the negative effects of secondary exposure to anticoagulant rodenticides.

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Learning Objectives

  • Describe rodent pest control by raptors with boxes and perches
  • Recommend the best features for a Barn Owl box
  • Impress farmers or neighbors with numbers of rodents Barn Owls eat
  • Recommend the best features for a raptor perch
  • Caution about use of rodenticides

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