Role of Birds on Farms Course - Lesson 5 Resources

Track 3. Managing and Co-Existing with Birds

Lesson 5 - Managing Pest Birds

Presenters: Dr. Page Klug - USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services & Dr. Catherine Lindell - Michigan State University

Dr. Klug's main focus is managing the conflict between sunflower producers and birds with methods including frightening devices, wildlife repellents, wetland management, and decoy crops. Optimization of methods takes into account blackbird biology and the influence of landscape at multiple biological levels and geographic scales.

Dr. Lindell is most interested in avian behavior and ecology in managed ecosystems. Alongside her research team, she combines theoretical and applied approaches to the study of the behavior and ecology of birds and the roles of birds in ecological functions and ecosystem services. She is particularly interested in how to make managed landscapes more hospitable for species that contribute significant ecosystem services.

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Learning Objectives

  • Explain the crop feeding/damage risk of birds that move in large flocks and the management techniques used for them as opposed to those that don’t.
  • Recommend several types of visual, audio and other bird deterrents and how to use them
  • Describe the reduction of pest birds by attracting American Kestrels with boxes and by supporting raptors with perches
  • Recommend the best features for an American Kestrel box

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- Dr. Catherine Lindell

- Dr. Page Klug