Farming With Wildlands Yields Net Benefits

We are excited to share our latest video in our series about supporting beneficial birds on the farm with you.

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Dennis Tamura of Blue Heron Farms and Dr. Daniel Karp, Assistant Professor at UC Davis.

At Blue Heron Farms, Dennis Tamura raises 20 acres of organic vegetables and flowers. With 32 nest boxes that support a multitude of mostly Tree Swallows and Western Bluebirds, the farm is an oasis for birds, as their name implies. When the Tree Swallows finish nesting and leave the farm in late summer, he notices an increase in flea beetle scarring damage to their cole crops.

Watch video about Farming With Wildlands at Blue Heron Farms

Dr. Daniel Karp is a conservation biologist and ornithologist at UC Davis. In this video he describes how the Swallows and Bluebirds forage differently for pests and that removing habitat is ineffective at improving food safety. He also emphasizes that maintaining habitat in and around farm fields results in more beneficial actions by birds.

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